Snipniff Brewing is a small microbrewery and taproom in the heart of Trekroner, founded and run by Englishman Jonny. In our large and inviting premises adjacent to Trekroner Station we strive to give the locals and visitors to Trekroner a warm and hyggeligt space where they can enjoy craft beer in good company.

Friendships, a fun atmosphere and a strong sense of community mean a lot to us, and we believe these are best enjoyed with great beer.

The name Snipniff comes from Jonny's inability to pronounce his surname properly as a child, which stuck as a family saying ever since. This is the same for all the names of the beers too, just ask at the bar for the stories!

Influenced and inspired predominantly by the craft beer scenes in the UK and the US, Snipniff Brewing produce a modern take on a wide variety of beers that are available on tap or in growlers to go. Of the 10 draft beer lines, 6 are devoted to regularly rotating seasonal, experimental or guest beers so there will always be something new available. Pouring from the other 4 taps are the house core beers that are available all year round. Find out more about the core range below.

Calamari! New Zealand Blonde Ale

A light, easy drinking, every day beer made with New Zealand hop varieties Motueka and Nelson Sauvin.

Story behind the name: Whilst on holiday in Greece, my Granny & Gramps decided to go out on a bike ride one morning. As they passed the locals, Gramps thought he would shout out a friendly morning greeting, 'Kalimera'. He got a little confused though, so instead was shouting 'Calamari!'. Granny laughed so hard she nearly fell off her bike!

Turnip Crab IPA

A soft, fruity and very crushable modern IPA.

Story behind the name: On holiday, my little sister found a small hermit crab on the beach. She picked it up and ran over to our parents, shouting, "Look mummy, a Turnip Crab!"

Easy Legs Amber Ale

A session amber ale with a far more complex and full flavour than its low alcohol content would suggest.

Story behind the name: Whilst out for a walk not long after we moved to England's Peak District, we inevitably came across a large and steep hill. Whilst everyone struggled up it, my little sister got a ride up on our dad's shoulders. With everyone else huffing and puffing, she announced that she had her Easy Legs on today!

Distapeded Coffee & Milk Stout

A smooth, dark brown stout brewed with lactose and whole coffee beans. My personal favourite!

Story behind the name: During a seaside picnic, I slipped and disappeared underneath the picnic bench we were sat at. I quickly jumped back up, shouting that, "I Distapeded!"

(Pronounciation dis-ta-pee-ded)

Do you have a fun family saying?

As you can see, we love a good, funny family story or saying here at Snipniff Brewing.

If you have a funny word or phrase from your own childhood then we would love to hear it! Send us a brief description, and it might end up being the name for our next beer!

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